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Why people regain the lost weight?

You've probably heard this multiple times: "95% of people who lose weight eventually end up gaining it all over again". The finding was suggested based on a 1959 clinical study of only 100 people. (Source). We probably need new trials and studies to understand the long-term effects of dedicated weight loss efforts. Having said that, common accounts from people on a weight loss journey hint that many of them struggle to keep the weight off, although they've worked harder to lose it.

Here are a few common reasons why people regain the lost weight.

Are you losing fat or water?

If you are on a crash diet without regular physical activity and feel a definite reduction in weight, it doesn't necessarily mean you are losing fat. A lot of what you are shedding could be associated with water and "that comes back fast once you resume normal eating." Source.

Unrealistic diet and absence of sustainable habits

The diets that recommend restriction of entire food groups may not be sustainable in the long run. The more you stop taking something, the more you feel drawn to it. Unfortunately, many diets seek to bring quick gains, expecting you to follow willpower and not healthy habits. They are built around time-bound rules rather than lifestyle needs.

Because you're not following actionable steps to adapt to the new changes and not creating healthy habits tailored to your needs and to support the weight loss plans, your efforts may not bring positive lasting results.

A sedentary lifestyle

Sitting around for most of the time and the absence of much physical activity can also lead to weight gain. Those who have successfully shed excess weight and kept it off, often look for newer, healthy ways to remain active throughout the day. This includes regular workouts and other physical activities.

Not doing the right exercises

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to workouts. The kind of exercises you should follow to stop regaining weight should be based on your weight, genetics, and body composition.

Prevent excess weight from coming back

To maximize the chances of losing weight and stop it from coming back, it is crucial you follow research-based tips from scholarly sources, and benefit from a strategy that's exclusively designed to support your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

The purpose of Waist All Day is to help people lose belly fat using proven strategies and easily actionable steps. Our nutrition and weight loss course educates people about living a healthier life by making them conscious about their diet, exercise regimen, and other unhealthy behaviors that are causing them to gain excess weight.


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