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How Waist Trainers Work - Rats tested wearing body girdles...

How Waist Trainers Work

Today we’re going to be talking about how waist trainers work, not corsets, not waist trimmers, but waist trainers. There is hardly any research out there that studies the effectiveness of waist trainers but there is one study.

This study involved rats, who have similar DNA to humans, rats are also commonly used in medical research prior to testing humans. Examining a rat study may shed some light on how waist trainers work on humans.

A lot of people say that waist trainers helped them get a smaller waist, and on the other hand we have a lot of skeptics, who for good reason have doubts.

A high fat diet typically causes weight gain, not the ketogenic or high fat, low carb diets, but a standard diet that is high in fat.

Back to the study, so there were 2 groups that were following a high fat diet: the girdled rats, and the ungirdled rats. Now in a typically a high fat diet causes higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, but the girdled rats maintained normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides despite the diet.

When people gain fat, their bodies produce more of a hormone called leptin. Leptin tells the body that it has had enough food and stimulates the body to begin burning stored body fat. The problem occurs when over time (after gaining a lot of body fat) the body becomes desensitized to leptin. In the case of the rats, the girdled rats had significantly lower levels of leptin than the ungirdled rats. Fat cells are the producers of leptin, so it appears as though the girdled rats produced less body fat.

The diets of the rats were the same, yet the girdled rats had lower cholesterol, triglyceride, and leptin levels than the ungirdled rats. The researchers analyzed it and theorized that it is likely due to mTOR signaling. mTOR signaling has to do with the environmental input (the body girdle) that affects the metabolism of cells. So it appears as though there’s some evidence that waist trainers could work.

If you’re going to begin waist training, don’t choose a size that’s too small or too uncomfortable to start with, don’t overdo it. Waist trainers are not supposed to squeeze the life out of your organs. Our bodies do have a way of adjusting to the constraints that we place on them, but we should only place healthy constraints. And belly fat can be lost without the constraints of a waist trainer.

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