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How important is it to drink water? | Water and Your Waist

Does it really matter how much water we drink? Apparently there’s a relationship between how much water you drink and how much fat you have. Drinking a gallon of water a day is a popular habit among fitness professionals, so we’re going to examine how much water intake impacts your waistline.

As it turns out, drinking water boosts the metabolism. Every time you drink water, your metabolism is boosted for about 40 minutes. The national health and nutrition examination survey found that there is a relationship between hydration and obesity. Another study found that children who were obese were more dehydrated than children who were of normal weight. And this was simply because they don’t drink as much water.

Another study found that the size of our waists have a lot to do with how much water we drink. People who have smaller waists actually drink more water. This is regardless of their overall body size. Basically you can be obese and have a smaller waist than another obese person of the same size as you, all because you drink more water. This applies to all weight/height categories.

Water helps with some very important functions in the body:

  1. We can’t survive without water for more than a few days, water is used by all of the organs in our body, no organ can function without water.
  2. Water is an important part of our blood. With less water intake, your blood won’t be able to transport nutrients, oxygen, or anything else to the organs, as well as if the blood were fully hydrated.
  3. Water flushes out toxins and there are a lot of toxins that cause belly fat. When the liver gets overwhelmed with toxins, water is necessary to flush them out. If we aren’t taking in enough water, the body will try to hold onto the little water that is left in order to survive, rather than to flush out the toxins. When we drink water, our bodies can begin to detoxify again. When we consistently drink enough water, we can consistently be ridding our bodies of toxins.
  4. Water is required for thermogenesis. An 8 week study involving 50 girls found that drinking water caused them to lose body weight and improve their body composition so that they had less body fat and more muscle.
  5. Water increases your resting energy expenditure aka your metabolism at rest. Meaning that you don’t even have to perform an ounce of exercise for your metabolism to speed up, all you need to do is drink water. And warm water enhances the fat burning effect of water. 8 and 1/2 cups per day burns about 95 extra calories.

So carry water around with you. And decide that you’re going to go to that public bathroom anyway, and decide to adjust to peeing more frequently. The body needs water. In order to improve your health, that’s just a change that you’ll have to make.

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