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Are My Genes Preventing Me From Losing Belly Fat?

Are My Genes Preventing Me From Losing Belly Fat?

Belly fat can be genetic but that doesn’t mean that it’s keeping you from losing the belly fat. As it turns out, your BMI and your waist circumference are related to you genes, but you also have to remember that not only are your genes inheritable, but your lifestyle was inherited too.

The lifestyle that your parents had, the type of food they would eat, the exercise or lack of exercise, those have all been handed to you. Genes do influence your waist size, but there is something called epigenetics.

Epigenetics is how the environment affects our genes and how they express themselves. Genes are not necessarily a life sentence. Yes, you are stuck with the same nose, yes, you’re stuck with the same face, but there are some things that can be changed. There are genes that promote weight gain, and genes that suppress weight gain and in terms of epigenetics, these genes can be up-regulated or down-regulated.

When we think about genes, it sounds like they’re locked in place and unchangeable, but that isn’t entirely true. There’s a large impact that exercise and nutrition has on our genes.

The international journal of obesity did a twin study with over 4,000 participants in which they were able to find that even though some people had the genetic tendency to having a larger waist, exercise decreased the strength of those genes. By getting plenty of exercise, a person can actually promote the genes that suppress weight gain.

So don’t be discouraged, don’t let society tell you that you’re stuck. You can reach a higher level of health despite your genes. You have control over your genes with your lifestyle. The food you eat and the amount of exercise you do can influence your genes. Genes are not as powerfully locked into place as we have been brought up to believe. When your main focus is to live a healthy gene promoting lifestyle, it becomes a natural and smooth transition to the body that you’ve always wanted.

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