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What causes belly fat and How to lose it?

If you are struggling to reduce a bulging belly, this article may help! Find the most common causes of belly fat and practical ways to lose those extra pounds around your middle.   

Belly fat is a serious issue.  

When extra fat collects around the middle, it is just more than a squishy layer located just below your skin. It also consists of visceral fat, which builds up inside your abdomen, and packs around vital internal organs, including the intestines and liver.  

Abdominal fat carries health risks, and having a large amount of it can be dangerous. It can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type-2 diabetics, asthma, fatty liver diseases, pancreas, and even breast and colon cancer.  

Here are a few common causes of why belly fat develops and how to get rid of it.  

High-sugar foods and beverages  

Foods high in sugar content can cause weight gain and reduce a person’s capacity to burn weight. Cakes, candies, muffins, sweet tea, soda are all contributing factors in gaining belly fat.  

High alcohol intake  

Excessive consumption of alcohol can increase belly fat. Some reports indicate that alcohol suppresses fat burning (Source). Too many calories from alcohol gather as belly fat and eventually become "beer belly".  

Lack of activity  

If you consume more calories than you burn off, you are likely to put on weight. Interestingly, a study has shown that lack of activity can cause regaining of abdominal fat after losing weight. (Source)  

Lack of sleep  

Insufficient sleep can increase hunger hormone levels, leading to overeating and eventually weight gain. A study indicates relationship between short sleep and obesity and weight gain.  

Other than these, increased stress levels and high smoking can also contribute to the development of unwanted belly fat. Also, studies find that genes do play a role in obesity.  

Towards a flatter belly - How to Trim the fat?  

In order to lose those extra pounds, start small but start early. Some lifestyle changes may be necessary. Eat a healthy and balanced diet full of plant-based foods. Limit foods rich in sugar and fat. If you are making efforts to lose your abdominal fat, watching your alcohol intake is important.  

You cannot expect to lose belly fat by leading a sedentary lifestyle. Go and find new opportunities to spend an active, fuller life. Participate in stress-relieving exercises, improve your sleeping habits, and if you smoke, quit now to improve overall health.  

Summed up, an active lifestyle and changes in what you eat and drink can help you lose stubborn belly fat. However, losing weight with a busy schedule can seem like a struggle. Sometimes all you need is expert guidance to make the right decision. 

If you are wondering how to lose the unwanted flab and gain a trim midsection, join our nutrition and weight management course. It shows you the path to lose your belly fat in a healthy and balanced way.  


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