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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

While walking is not the most stressful method of exercise, it is an easy way to lose weight and get in shape. Though you can't lose weight in specific areas, walking and our body transformation programs can help you lose total fat (including belly fat), which is one of the best forms of fat to lose despite being one of the unhealthiest. The trick is to be consistent and walk in the right heart rate area to lose the most calories and fat. 

Targeting Belly Fat 

It's more about burning more calories than you consume when it comes to losing weight (including belly fat). You'll see total weight loss after you've developed a good, well-balanced diet and are regularly increasing your step count. Belly fat may be the last part of the body to show effects for some individuals, although it may be the first for others. 

However, some weight loss and waistline reduction strategies are more successful than others. Here are three ways from fitness specialist to tailor your workouts to burn as much fat as possible, allowing you to get in shape and meet your weight-loss goals. 

Seek Out the Fat-burning Zone 

You'll have to walk in the right heart rate range to eat as much calories as possible to lose the most weight. The lipid zone is 60–70% of your maximum heart rate and burns approximately 7–12 calories per minute, depending on the individual. Calculate your ideal heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. Then divide the result by 0.6. A 30-year-old, for example, has a mean heartbeat of 190 beats per minute (bpm). To hit 60 percent power, aim for a heart rate of 114 bpm. 

Bear in mind the time is important when exercising in this fat-burning zone. Since the strength is mild to high, make sure the workouts last for 45 minutes to an hour for the body to lose fat instead of stored carbohydrates. At the start of the exercises, sugars and processed carbs are burned first. When these are exhausted, the body becomes more effective at fat burning as the time of the exercise increases. 

Experience Quick Cardio 

Doing your morning walking exercises when fasted, before eating or drinking something, will also help your body continue to use fat for energy source during your workouts rather than the carbs you only had for breakfast. 

Seek to walk for at least 45 minutes to an hour in the fat-burning environment. Increase the time as long as you can handle it until you've gotten used to it for optimum fat burning. You'll start to see the waistline outcomes you like when you get more fit. 

Here's a sample workout: Start with a 10-minute walk to loosen up your joints and warm up your muscles. For the main set, walk for 45 minutes in zone 2 or two sets of 22 minutes, pausing at the halfway point if necessary. Until you start the second half of your workout, you should do a couple exercises like squats, lunges, or pushups to break it up. Finish the exercise for another 10 minutes of simple walking to cool off after you've done 45 minutes. 

Mix It Up 

Your body will automatically adapt and the calorie burn will be diminished if you do the same workout every day. Although you should aim to spend the bulk of your workouts in the fat-burning environment, if weight loss is your top priority, increasing the intensity 1–2 days a week will help. 

In particular, this study found that increasing the intensity of interval training is much more effective than lower-intensity exercise at lowering subcutaneous and abdominal body fat. Keep in mind that higher-intensity exercise puts more strain on the joints and necessitates plenty of rest time between sessions to prevent injuries, which is why only two sessions a week are recommended. 

Combining a few higher-intensity exercises into your weekly routine along with our online weight loss program will also be beneficial on days where you don't have as much time to exercise. You'll only need about 30 minutes for these sessions to reap some of the same advantages as your longer zone 2 sessions. 

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