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Hey! I’m Charis (pronounced CARE-iss) and I am a Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Intrinsic Health Coach.

I started a mission, to figure out the answer to a key question: “What can a person change about their lifestyle that targets belly fat loss?”

From the research I compiled, I found out that our body shape is related to the state of our health, and that there are so many things we do that influence our body shape. 

After I compiled all my belly fat loss information, I found that many fitness professionals were promoting the exact opposite of what is healthy and waist-slimming. I shouldn't be the only one who benefits from having this information, so I'm sharing it.

That’s why I’ve launched this course. This course isn’t about forcing you to be healthy when you don’t want to be, it’s about giving you the knowledge to be able to control where your health goes, when you want to.

No one is going to hold you to any rules, but you will have the principles that will empower you to be as healthy as you choose to be. You will have the power to control the narrative. You get to choose how much belly fat you have, you get to choose how good you feel, because you’ll know what you need to know, to be able to do it.

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Get the Key to Conquering Belly Fat Once and for All

Module 1: Learn everything diet-related that you need to know to lose belly fat and get rid of the things in your diet that are sabotaging your fitness goals and destroying your health…

Module 2: What waist-slimming lifestyle changes to make and how to make those changes in a way that is smooth and easy…

Module 3: How to properly exercise and create lifestyle behaviors that specifically target belly fat on your waist...

Module 4: The mental part of losing belly fat...How to manage the belly fat causing stress as well as how to adjust to the new waist-slimming lifestyle.

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Thanks for watching. If you want to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get the waist of your dreams, the belly fat academy is for you.

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